Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Favre Still Aiming for No. 1

Brett Favre threw two more interceptions against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night, leaving him with only 17 interceptions short of George Blanda’s all-time mark. If Favre averages just two interceptions per game for the rest of the season (a very modest estimate), he would likely tie and set the record on December 10 at San Francisco. But you know that most Packers fans are hoping that Favre won’t break the record until one of the two following home games following the trip to San Francisco (Detroit 12/17 or Minnesota 12/21). The likely scenario is that Favre will be like four interceptions short on December 17, but then his pet gator will die or something, inspiring him to reach down and throw five interceptions that day. Hopefully NBC will use its power to cherry-pick a compelling match-up and have that game televised in primetime.

It also should be noted that Favre was pulled out of the game in the final Packers drive Monday night. It was listed as a coach’s decision, but you have to credit Favre’s credibility for not needlessly going back out on the field and throwing meaningless interceptions to pad his stats and break the record. Congratulations, Brett. You have truly earned this record.

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