Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Endorsements Gone Too Far

Stadiums and arenas named after corporation has become as commonplace as the Raiders losing or a star receiving pouting about not getting the ball enough. It is inevitable. But leave it to the Chicago White Sox for taking it one step further. The White Sox will start all of their 2007 night home games at 7:11 after signing a deal with the convenience chain, 7-Eleven. Wow, isn’t that clever?

Not that there isn’t a history of this in Chicago. Announcer Harry Carey called games bombed on Budweiser in a clever cross-promotional scheme.

It is almost a shame that old Harry still isn’t alive and calling games for the Sox. He could ramble on about picking up his latest six-pack from 7-11 and then tell us what Guillen spelled backwards means. That was baseball announcing. Now we get Rex Hudler talking about his and Steve Bisheff's hair implants from Bosely. If this move gets baseball announcers drinking again, than it is a good thing.

Wikipedia Fun Fact: The Portland Trailblazers had a similar deal with High Time Magazine a few years back, when they would start their Saturday afternoon home games at 4:20.

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Abu Al-Slurpee said...

Uh... The correct start time for the evening game would actually be "19:11". 7:11 would refer to a morning start time.

daddy said...

Could be worse. They could have signed a deal with the 3M Corp., Four Seasons Resorts or Motel 6 chain.

David Duke said...

Abu Al-Slurpee. Wow how cleverly racist, neat.

Apu said...

Anybody want a deal with the Kwik-E-Mart?

JailBlazerLVr4Life said...

Why don't you get your own material you bald bastard.

Cory Lidle said...

I'd like to endorce the Cirrus SR20. It even has a parachute fgor the entire plane, in acase of a mishap. Safest plane in the sky.