Tuesday, October 31, 2006

AFC Looks Dominant

Just look at some of the scores from around the league. Raven killed the Saints, the Chargers creamed the St. Louis football team, Jacksonville bludgeoned the Eagles, etc., etc. Hell, the Patriots were so bored with the Vikings, the team decided to see how many points they could score without running a single running play. So that can mean only one thing.

The NFC is going to win the Super Bowl. At least if baseball is any indication.

We also need a catchier nickname for The Hater Nation Forums.


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DAWUSS said...

I hear members of the '72 Dolphins team are going to be giving some pregame speeches in Chicago on Sunday

benny said...

Well it's a toss up as to who will win the Super Bowl. Just depends on who the referees are giving calls to.

See the Pittsburgh Steelers as an example. They've proved they're nothing but a one year wonder that ended in a Super Bowl tainted with horrible officiating.