Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Weak Ender

There had been serious consideration given to pulling the plug here at THN. With the Raiders being as bad as they are, it is just not that much fun to talk about them. When the Sports Dork, Bill Simons, starts to run the same jokes THN ran in February, it could be time to find some new material. But thankfully most of their fans continue to be some of the worst in the NFL as seen here.

The best part about Raiders fans (not including Jessica Alba) is that they enjoy the image of being the hard-core fans, until you call them out on it. Then they seem somewhat indignant about the whole thing. So don’t fret, THN will continue to live on and fight the forces of evil.

  • Quick question, if Reggie Bush is forced to give up his Heisman Trophy, does it automatically go to Fred Goldman?

  • Separation Saturday should just be renamed the Pac 10/Big XII challenge. It is time for the rest of the Pac 10 to show that they are a viable conference. The East Coast (meaning anything east of Las Vegas) tends to view the Pac-10 as USC and the nine twerps. It has to stop today. Oregon really needs to snot-kick Oklahoma. A close victory does nothing, they need to win huge and not so confident that they can pull it off. But the picks today are Notre Dame (huge) and Nebraska to cover. Here go make some money.

  • The LSU and Auburn game seems like the most least interesting game of the year. *Yawn* The Mater Dei v. Mission Viejo game on Thursday night was more intriguing. And really, have we come to the point where they need high school games on TV? What’s next televising T-ball championships? So now we have to worry about agents coming on to high school campuses to recruit? That’s great.

  • Take Eli Messiah and the Giants to win at Philadelphia this week. Never bet against a desperate (but good) team in the NFL. The Giants were picked by some to go to the playoffs (not here, but still) and if that is true, there is no way they start 0-2 with a date at Seattle looming next week.


Diane said...

Until Al Davis kills himself, there is reason for the Hater Nation to fight on

bucky said...

But the picks today are Notre Dame (huge) and Nebraska to cover. Here go make some money.

Geez, Adam, next time get these out earlier so I have time to call my bookie. Hey, when did Brady Quinn change his jersey to #4, anyway?

At least you gave me time to get a dime down on the Eagles.

DAWUSS said...

Congratulations to Charlie Weis and Brady Quinn

NFL Adam said...

Bucky, the college picks are terrible. But take the pro ones to the bank. Sorry it took so long, one of the clients we (expletived) on Wednesday need their (expletive) on Friday.