Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Super Bowl Buzz Kill

Why your team won't win the Super Bowl:

Yes, it seems a little foolish to say the Chargers are not going to make the Super Bowl. Especially since Peter King thinks they are going to make it. Hey, if King picks your team they are a lock.

Or maybe not.

It is easy to make these predictions after the season has started. Luckily the NFL season hasn’t started for the Chargers, yet. The opening two weeks of the season were the equivalent of playing exhibition games. The opening two weeks of the Chargers season was as soft as an SEC teams non-conference schedule. And it really hasn’t proven anything.

Actually, the Raiders victory proved that the Chargers are not ready to make the leap. Marty Schottenheimer, who is so conservative he falls to the right of Sean Hannity, took a 13-0 lead and sat on the ball for an entire second half. You can do that against the Raiders. You can’t do that against an NFL team. If you have so much confidence in Philip Rivers that you will allow Drew Brees to walk to New Orleans, then at least have the confidence in him to throw the ball downfield.

The Chargers opened up the offense a little bit against the Titans. But that was more a result of who the Titans had playing quarterback, instead of a trust in Rivers. If you think that was a step forward for the Chargers, wait until they play the Ravens. Marty’s boldness will disappear faster than Tucker Carlson’s bow tie. No, this is the same old Marty. And no matter how dominant that defense is, he will never put enough trust in his offense to go win him a Super Bowl.

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Diane said...

Hey - the Steelers won last year with a mediocre (at best) performance from Roethlisberger - and by the way - enough about how tough Ben is to return to football after an appendectomy. Patrick Roy had one during the '94 NHL playoffs and was back in net 3 days later making over 60 saves in an OT win. He only missed one game. Which is when I stopped hating him for beating the Kings for the Cup the year before.

NFL Adam said...

I don't really follow hockey anymore, but I still hate Patrick Roy and the wink.

Diane said...

nfl adam - I've given up on the NHL too, but the players are tougher mofos than your average pro athlete