Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Super Bowl Buzz Kill

Why your team won't win the Super Bowl:

It would be easy to sit here and make fun of Peyton Manning and his inability to win the big game. So that is exactly what is going to happen. Yes it is the obvious way out. Obvious like a Manning playoff loss.

Manning’s playoff futility is becoming something of legend. Manning’s playoff career closely resembles that of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football out of the hold of Lucy Van Pelt. Each time Charlie/Peyton believe the time has come—and each time he ends up lying on his back wondering what happened.

The entire blame shouldn’t fall on Peyton’s shoulders though. Give some discredit to his coach Tony Dungy—the black Marty Schottenheimer. It’s not to say that Dungy is wound too tight, but the dude did call for an onsides kick during the first play of the Colts preseason game. No, he’s not high-strung at all when it comes to coaching. Maybe if Peyton is lucky, the Colts will run Dungy off and bring in Jon Gruden to win a Super Bowl title. It worked in Tampa Bay.

The Colts believed they did the next best thing by brining in the most clutch kicker in the NFL. Surely the mere presence of Adam Vinatieri would make the Colts a little more clutch right? Or maybe an anvil would fall on his head. Or ankle problem with his plant foot; or the groin problem he as developed. It appears when it comes to choking, Manning and Dungy can bring out the worst in anybody.

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Anonymous said...

No Kenny Chesney joke? I'm disappointed in you, THN

NFL Adam said...

That's too obvious. Like Sports Dork Bill Simpson obvious.

TheBigO said...

"It appears when it comes to choking, Manning and Dungy can bring out the worst in anybody."

Even Spreewell?