Friday, September 08, 2006

Refs Already In Mid Season Form

So the refs went to the old, "I didn't see a thing," act. Even WWF referees were more observant. You have to figure that Bill Cowher is going to distract a referee at some point this season while Hines Ward throws sand into a defender's face on the way to the end zone. Or maybe a Steelers offensive lineman will use a foreign object. Or maybe Joey Porter will get the refs attention while another defender wrecks the opposing quarterback's knee.

Not that you would want to with Daunte Culpepper handing out turnovers like he was running a bakery. At least Culpepper has to be comfortable in the fact that Joey Harrington is his back up. If it were a real NFL back up, Culpepper could be in some real trouble.

Jeff George is still available if the Dolphins get really desperate. (For now.)

Although don't look for Nick Saban to be decisive in choosing a quarterback. At least not judging from his decision-making ability on when to throw the red flag. What are you waiting for? And geeze, nice toss. Saban looked like Johnny Damon trying to get the ball to second base and coming up way short.

Don't think that the challenge on Heath Miller's touchdown pass didn’t matter. It mattered to hundreds and thousands of fantasy football owners. It impacted guys who could have benefited from another touchdown from Willie Parker. And think about the guys with Miller on their own team. Of course, Charlie Batch could have fumbled on the one-yard line again. Maybe Saban believes that challenges accumulate over the course of a season and he can wait until week 17 and challenge every play from scrimmage.

Oh well, at least he was no belly aching about the officials.

Wikipedia Fun Fact: Cowher was in fact, at one time, a member of the WWF, playing Sergeant Slaughter and Mae Young’s love child.


Rubley said...

I'll say this for Mike Martz, at least he knows how to throw the red hankie. Saban apparently thought he had to hand-deliver it and get the ref's signature. The Dolphins won't get far with an indecisive coach and a crosseyed quarterback.

bucky said...

That one play gave my fantasy team 17 points. And to think I was hoping to get Ben Watson.

bucky said...

Saban tossed that flag like he was tossing the remote onto the couch. He should have thrown that thing out into the field of play, so everyone could see it, not behind a ref who's watching for the snap of the ball.

That said, this call didn't decide the game. Daunte Culpepper decided it when he chose to channel his inner Favre.

Terry Schiavo said...

I could have picked off those passes.