Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jason Giambi Class Act

Sports Illustrated has a pretty good story on Alex Rodriguez that quotes a bunch of anonymous Yankees talking about how lousy the reigning AL MVP is. The one player who was on the record was Jason Giambi who confronted A-Rod during a recent slump, telling him to snap out of it.

That’s great Juiceambi. Although it is hard to imagine A-Rod telling you to stick the needle back in your ass when you weren’t hitting your HGH-induced weight last season. Can’t recall hearing A-Rod uttering a peep when you cried and apologized for, wait, what were you apologizing for again? Nor did A-Rod saying anything when you obviously went back on performance-enhancing drugs last season (allegedly).

No Rodriguez has been the epitome of class. If there was ever somebody who should lash out on juiced up sluggers, like Giambi, it should be A-Rod. Instead he continues to put up MVP-type numbers every year. It’s a joke.


Anonymous said...

the hater nation defending a-rod????
what is this world----
coming too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????
never thought i'd--------
see the day!!!!!!!!!!!!
life is good!!**************

Anonymous said...

Shut it down!?!&@>!??

Diane said...

Has that baseball card been photo shopped?

Matt Leinart and Kurt Warner's nuts said...

Now he's wasting his time on another.

NewYawk_fans_r_stupid said...

All the hoo-hah over A-Rod is further proof that the (l)eastern time zone turns people into moron's.

MLB Jennifer said...

In the words of Triple H, WE ARE THROUGH!!!! What next, are you going to say that you love Jeter's new scent Driven and will be wearing it? I am taking a number, cuz my lawyer is on the way! We gave it a good run.

NFL Adam said...

If you are going to invoke the holy name of HHH, so you must be serious.

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NFL Adam said...

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NFL Adam said...

For the record, that is a real Juiceambi trading card.

TJ Rubley said...

I deserve a payday. I deserve to be a winner!

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

this is giambi's way of making his steroidized-testicles feel bigger.

Ross McLochness said...

Giambi sucks. If I were A-Rod, I would break into Giambi's locker, search through all the German pornos, ass-wart creams, cowboy boots, and Bryan Adams cds until I found his steroid kit. Then, I'd fill the syringe with horse tranquilizers, and the only trace I would leave would be a couple sprays of Derek Jeter's cologne.

What a ponce.

Anonymous said...

Isn't baseball over yet?