Thursday, September 07, 2006

Goodell to Giants: Nine Home Games Not Enough

It didn’t take Opie Goodell long to start sucking up to the Giants. The new commissioner made his way to the Giants practice facility on Wednesday where he chatted with Tiki Barber, was handed his team jersey and received a hug from Michael Strahan. Rumors have persisted that Goodell is about as faithful as Jude Law, but didn’t realize he might swing that way.

Goodell said that, "He liked the 12th man, but…" But it was unfair to the undisciplined Giants who kept jumping offsides. So now there might be more rule changes coming, just incase, you know, the Giants ever have to play another important game in Seattle.

Funny, he didn’t seem to mind the home field advantage when the Giants fans were given an extra home game while the Saints were searching for a place to play. (And funny, nobody suggested the Giants or Jets play outside of New Jersey following 9/11.)

Goodell would like to explore some other rules options such as: Giants touchdowns count as nine points, Eli Messiah’s interceptions count only as an incomplete pass and the uprights will be expanded to 53-yards when the Giants are lining up for a field goal.

Wikipedia Fun Fact: Goodell played the role of Sam McKinney (son of Dixie Carter’s character) on Diff’rent Strokes.


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