Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ESPN Rewrites History

ESPN erroneously reported during his Monday Night Football telecast that the Birds were going to replace Kurt Warner at quarterback with Matt Leinart. Turns out that it is not true. Dennis Green might have thought about it (as is natural in team sports), but that didn't stop ESPN, trying to remain relevent in the change climate of sports reporting, from running with the conjecture. (And they acuse other blogs of being irresponsible.)

Funny thing though, it turns out that the Cardinals are goign to go with Warner as their starting quarterback on Saturday.

So how does ESPN report the news: “Cards Change Mind.” Really? Outside of the fabrication of Chris Mortensen, when exactly did the Cardinals change their mind? The Cardinals never announced they would start Leinart, despite the misconceptions set forth by the World Wide Leader. Maybe the headline should read, “ESPN Tries To Cover Its Butt.” Shameful, but not surprising seeing that the same network broadcast a complete fabrication of the path to 9/11.


Sun Devil said...

Good job catching this. I know the AZ media never confirmed any of ESPN's bullshit. THN is a better sports site anyways.

Aaron said...

Yeah I was shocked when Mort said "Im just gonna go ahead and report Leinart is starting Sunday" and no one called him on it. Mort clearly had no idea and just made that up.

Anonymous said...

"fabritcation of the path to 911"

What fabrications do you keep pushing.

You must live in an insulated news media world.

aMonYmuz said...

Ambd teh mEDiuh haz imsUlaptEd yeR WeRlD wit fabriCt!

the Bish's rug said...

I'm just gonna go ahead and report this: The Bish is a douche nozzle

Drizztdj said...

They were still announcing Leinart's start on the morning Sportscenter ticker.