Sunday, September 10, 2006

Eli The True Manning

The Manning clan is the NFL’s first family. First family of losing that is. Archie Manning and his career in New Orleans was the epitome of losing. And his sons have followed in his footsteps.

In the tabbed “Manning Bowl,” you knew that it was going to come down to which Manning would choke first. The experts indicated that Peyton had been in many big games and choked in many big games, so it figured that Peyton would be the one who would choke away this game.

Only Peyton couldn’t even do that right. Peyton even chokes when it comes to losing. Instead it was Eli Messiah who proved to be the biggest choker as he threw away his team’s chances late in the fourth quarter.

When asked which son most exemplified the virtue of being a Manning, Archie was too choked up for words.


Chris said...

That INT most likely wouldn't have happened if that bogus pass interference wasn't called.

And well, Peyton would have had at least 3 INTs if the Giants defensive backs could catch.

DAWUSS said...

Refs handed it to Peyton. Especially on that second to last play