Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dodgers Win World Series

Or that is the impression that you get listening to the local sports talk radio today. There must have been a lot of confused sports fans who felt it was October already considering the way the Dodgers were carrying on. But when you last world championship came in 1988, it is only natural to take any small victory where you can get it. And true, the Dodgers haven't really had much success against the Padres this season, so it was no surprise to learn that the Dodgers clubhouse attendant was racing out for champagne.

Just kidding. Like you could find a restaurant or bar near Dodger Stadium. The only thing you could hope for is a few empties behind the LAPD shooting range next door.

It was a good win for the Dodgers. Not exactly erasing a five-run deficit in Game 6 of the World Series, but it was nice for them. And it hardly won the NL West for them last night, as one follicle-challenged co-worker championed. (And to be fair, the dude doesn’t really follow sports that closely, so it is understandable how he can get wrapped up in hyperbole.)

No, if you spent any amount of time watching the Dodgers this season, it is pretty clear that this team will not be able to capitalize on this momentum, likely losing the upcoming series at Pittsburgh. It’s coming.


Chris said...

Wait? The Dodgers won? Didn't you say that they were going to be falling further behind the Padres yesterday? You sound like a whiny White Sox fan more than anything.

NFL Adam said...

Never underestimate Marlon Anderson.

Doh-yers suck said...

Pads still took 13 of 18 from those idiots. They had to play the baseball equivalent of "the perfect storm" to split a home series.

Yeah big win, but no one saw it, because of the alleged sellout only 1,000 (maybe) remained and half of them were trying to stab each other in the pavillion and the other half were lunging for beach balls.

NFL Adam said...

Are the Padres in first again?

Doh-yers_still_suck said...

How can it be Doh-yers fan? You win the world series Monday night, but find yourself in second Tuesday night.

Hope the world series hangover lasts well into the week.