Friday, August 25, 2006

The Weak Ender

The Angels Jered Weaver had his winning streak snapped by the dreaded Boston Red Sox on Thursday night. There were a few times that Weaver could have been tagged for the loss this season (that start at Cleveland comes to mind). So it would not be fair to blame the Punch and Judy offense assembled by Bill Stoneman for this loss. But he can't find one guy who can clean up the bases? It has gotten pretty depressing in Anaheim.

But not as depressing to think that the NHL training camps are on the verge of opening. They might as well come to the point where they play NHL hockey year-round. It's not like they are going to hurt interest for the sport. In fact, they should just move to start the NHL playoffs right now. Start them today. Maybe the Ducks and the Kings could start a best of 21 playoff series. At least it would be exciting.

An adjective rarely used to describe hockey.

  • The biggest proof that Jered Weaver has arrived was evidenced by Josh Beckett's performance on Thursday night. Weaver is now going to have to deal with bottom-feeders of the American League rising up, having the games of their lives when they are matched against the phenomena. Hey look, Beckett lowered his ERA to under 6.00.

  • Your moment of Bish: On the mound at Angel Stadium tonight, Jered Weaver will be the epitome of California cool, with his surfboard-thin body, his blond, scraggly hair nipping at his shoulders and that funky, peekaboo delivery. Dude, they just don't get any cooler than this kid. You know, it was almost worth it to have Weaver lose if it will mean that the Bish will never write another column like this again.

  • The Raiderettes have gone downhill since the team moved to Oakland. But this is just ridiculous.

  • Do you think PacMan Jones got upset that the Cincinnati Bengals were stealing his spotlight on the police blotter and then went crazy? Although, it was hard to figure out what the beef was, seeing that he was just drunk and obnoxious in public. If that's the case, there should be around 4,000 Yankees fans arrested in Anaheim tonight.

Former 49ers running back Kevan Barlow drew some heat this week when he compared 49ers coach Mike Nolan to Hitler. This is really offensive. Not in PC-type of way, where just a name is offensive. Hopefully we have move far past that. No, the real injustice is that there are numerous dictators throughout history to use an example. Barlow is college educated.

Already, he took college classes.

Alright, he at least passed the library at Pittsburgh once on his way to football practice.

The point is, use a different example like Ivan the Terrible, Idi Amin or Nicolae Ceaucescu.


Anonymous said...

Enough with the god damn fucking Angels. We get the fucking point. Stop it already - nobody cares!

MLB Jennifer said...

anonymous, seriously, some of us like baseball. Deal with it. There was more football in there than baseball. Sheesh. With the Yankees in town, there is sure to be a story or two about how much we HATE Yankee fans. Just don't read them.

daddy said...

I care about the Angels....

But not as much as the Raiderettes. Oh man, keep that silver and black poontang comin'

Diane said...

Until the NFL regular season starts, THN should be all Angels, all the time! But I will give the Raiders this, they don't even bother to pretend there any qualifications for being a Raiderette other than humongous boobies

Personal to Cabrera and Figgins - could one of you call for the ball next time?

the Bish's rug said...

ahhh, the MOB(moment of Bish) has returned. Life is good

Lefty said...

Can I be a Raiderette? Please?

Diane said...

Posada is a punk - I hate the Yankees

Anonymous said...

Make sure that for the post-mortem column that you focus on the Angels.

The Angels are much more important than the AL Central matchup, the Cardinals dying, or the NFL.

The Angels are also much more important than college football. Although since THN apparently doesn't have anyone who went to college, I suppose an exception can be made.

The Angels are also more imporant than USA basketball and the Deion Branch holdout, I suppose.

But hey, go Angels. They are very relevant in the MLB right now.

Seitz said...

I agree with anonymous. The Angels are more important than all of those things. Combined.