Friday, August 18, 2006

The Weak Ender

Birds quarterback Matt Leinart has never been to an NFL game. His first NFL is going to be one that he will be playing in this weekend. Leinart thinks that is pretty cool. But that is kind of sad. No, not because a generation of young Southern California kids have never had the chance to see NFL football (thanks Georgia). No, the saddest thing is that his buddy, Paris Hilton, has been to more NFL games than Leinart.

And you can bet that Hilton has likely spent more time naked in an NFL locker room than Leinart, too.

Leinart will play the second quarter of the game against the Patriots on Saturday. So that means that your girlfriend will be rooting for Tom Brady and the Patriots in the first quarter, and Leinart and the Birds in the second. And nobody will be rooting for John Navarre who is kind of like John Cryer in Pretty in Pink.

  • Anybody still confident in picking Larry Johnson in their fantasy football league? Again, not to put too much stock in the preseason but the Chiefs are one bad football team. Herman Edwards said that his teams horrible performance was the result of poor coaching. No kidding. But at least Edwards was made to feel welcome in his return to Giants Stadium as he did what he always did in that house—lose to the Giants. That Chiefs defense is worse than it was before –as hard as that is to believe. Without Willie Roaf or Al Saunders, Johnson is just another running back.

  • How the hell is Frank Robinson competing in the Little League World Series?

  • Did you know that Snakes on a Plane is based on a true story? You can check that out here. But only after you finish reading this.

Here is a quote from the Sports Dork:

Now that Jackpot Jay has retired, nobody can write any more poker columns. Stop writing them, stop reading them, just stop. We all know how to play at this point. We know that you can get screwed over on the river ... it happens. We know that you can get lucky on the river ... it happens. But if I have to read one more column about how the writer had three jacks, and he thought they would hold up, but then somebody else was going for a straight, and then when he saw that 7 of hearts, he knew it was trouble ... for the love of God, who cares???

Read that, and then check out the Sports Dork, Bill Simons latest column about losing in the World Series of Poker. To save you the trouble, he whines on for about 1,200 words about getting a bad beat.

Thanks to the Sons of the Sports Dork for finding that quote. Have you heard about the Gridiron Apocalypse yet? Check out the Hater Nation Forums for details.


TheBigO said...

Paris Hilton is such a nasty skank. A buddy of mine actually had the nerve to tell me this broad is hot. Really?? I mean don't we have great examples of what's hot these days? I mean like Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Zhang Ziyi, etc...... I mean those women are hot this chick doesn't even compare. Her nose is freakin huge, she seriously needs to be fed and I saw the damn movie, this bitch does not know what she's doing, we have examples of that too, with Jenna Jameson and the like. Not hot, not sexy, not talented, just an emaciated run of the mill white chick, no thanks.

Anonymous said...

Amen "O"!