Wednesday, August 30, 2006

USC Swim Team

Paris Hilton claims that she and Matt Leinart are only friends. Former USC basketball player Brynn Cameron cannot say the same thing. Cameron is pregnant with Leinart's baby, making it the most athletic USC offspring since Omar Epps knocked up Sanaa Lathan in Love & Basketball.

Sure the school mascot might be Trojans, but that doesn't mean that the star quarterback and his girlfriend have to use one. Mmm, smells like an endorsement deal.

News of the Leinart/Cameron love child has come as quite a shock. A shock that a women's basketball player actually has sex with men.

And a new Last and Ten is up! (Check out the Last and Ten archives for rejected entries.)


DAWUSS said...

WNBA material right there

Matt Leinart said...

Trojans? How can I be expected to put on a condom with The Hater Nation wrapped around my dick?

Diane said...

and his child support order will be based on that new multi-million dollar contract - ka-ching!

DAWUSS said...

USC didn't even make the Top 10 Party Schools list

Kurt Warner's bag said...

It's getting chilly down here.