Sunday, August 27, 2006

T.O. Proving Doubters Wrong

All of the NFL experts said that Terrell Owens would give the Cowboys one faithful year of service before turning into, well, Terrell Owens.

But T.O. has proven all of them wrong. In fact, T.O. didn’t even wait for the regular season before becoming T.O. and ruining the Cowboys. Owens has been fined for missing some practices and not showing up to meetings. So, in other words, the Cowboys have received all of the grief of having T.O., without the benefit of his play-making abilities.

It looks like the Owens and Bill Parcells relationship is going to end as well as the relationship between George Allen and Long Beach State.


Y2Jerichoholic said...

Yeah, but at least Terrell hasn't killed Parcells by dumping ice water on him on a 40-degree evening.

I'm just sayin'.

Lefty said...

Parcells is so flat chested

Anonymous said...

Im waiting for the "Super Bowl Buzz Kill" on Dallas. All you have to say is "2 letters". nuff said.