Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Super Bowl Buzz Kill

Why your team won't win the Super Bowl:

Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey has been outspoken in his belief that the preseason is too long. But he will never be able to convince his quarterback, Eli Messiah, of that. The Messiah has proven to be one of the best preseason quarterbacks in the history of the league. Nobody thrives more against vanilla defenses, a lack of blitzing and non-pressure situations more than Eli. Well, at least not since his dad was in the league. If anything, look for Archie to petition the league for more preseason games so his son can really show what he’s got.

The sad part is that the Giants coaching staff realizes that Eli cannot thrive in pressure situations. That is why the club does not have a competent backup quarterback behind the Messiah. Instead they have Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Jared Lorenzen and Rob Johnson.

Yes, that Rob Johnson.

The guy who hasn't thrown a pass since 2003. The guy who hasn't started a game since 2002.

Wow, they really don’t want to put any pressure on Eli, do they? Nobody—in their right mind—is ever going to be screaming for Johnson to replace the Messiah. (Well, maybe Doug Flutie would just for fun. But no Giants fan certainly would. ) So Eli gets to survive in this cocoon where he is never going to be challenged for his job, no matter how poorly he plays. Kind of like how badly he played in the playoffs last season.

Just don't expect to see Eli back in the playoffs this year. And if he is, don't expect much.

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GuythatkilledJonBenet said...

Eli is a wimp. And he has a beaver.