Thursday, August 10, 2006

Super Bowl Buzz Kill

Why your team won't win the Super Bowl:

If the Chiefs aren't careful, they could very well be challenging the Raiders for worst team in the AFC West. Everybody is raving over running back Larry Johnson, but very few are paying attention to the fact that left tackle Willie Roaf has retired. Kyle Turley was the first-ever THN Hater of the Year, but the dude hasn't played football since 2003. If Turley can regain his magic, the Chiefs might have something; but that's a big if. So the running game could be in trouble. The club has the worst receiving corps outside of Philadelphia (seriously, Eddie Kennison?) and Trent Green tossed his fewest number of touchdown passes since 2001 (17).

And the offense is the strength of this club.

The defensive secondary of Patrick Surtain and Ty Law could be one of the league’s best—if this was 1998. The defense has more holes than a donut shop.

But none of that matters seeing that the Chiefs have Herman Edwards as their head coach. There is no denying that Edwards is one of the most colorful personalities in the NFL. There is no denying that his tirades are legendary right next to the elder Jim Mora.

"You play to win the game. Hello, You play to win the game." You can see the video here.

There is aslo no denying that Edwards just isn't a good coach as he has notched a 41-44 carer record with the Jets, including the playoffs. Edwards has been notoriously bad at clock management, but that pales in comparison to his dismal playoff appearances. The Jets advanced to the second-round of the 2004 AFC playoffs after Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer got conservative (well, he's always been conservative) and sat on the ball. So what did Edwards and the Jets do the following week at Pittsburgh with a bid for the AFC Championship Game on the line? He got conservative and sat on the ball as the Jets lost.

If Edwards is this good at mimicking coaches, then expect to see many Dick Vermeil-type tears when the Chiefs finish 5-11.

But they will play the game to win! So that should be a relief to all of your Chiefs fans.

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PTPers10 said...

I totally agree that Larry Johnson is getting way too much hype. Their talking about him like some savior that will get KC over the hump. The team not only lost Roaf, but also All-World FB Tony Richardson. And then Daniel Snyder bought Al Saunders soul. How about we wait before we anoint LJ the next Priest. Wow, that's a lot of religion in this comment.

Redskin Fan said...

Why didn't they keep the racist logo? That's why they haven't won a Super Bowl in so many years.

Michael said...

For those of us in the know,... Larry Johnson has got skeletons in his closet.

It will all come out in due time.