Monday, August 07, 2006

Super Bowl Buzz Kill

Why your team won't win the Super Bowl:

Don’t be fooled by the Chicago Bears, they have done this before. The Bears went 13-3 in 2001 and followed that up by winning only four games the following season. Look for a repeat of that this season after the Bears went 11-5 in 2005.

Quarterback Rex Grossman is hailed as a savior on offense, though that likely has more to do with Kyle Orton being horrible more than Grossman being skilled. The former Gator completed only 46 percent of his passes in three games last season and has tossed four career touchdown passes in eight NFL games after suffering his second major injury in as many years.

And this guy is going to lead you to the Super Bowl?

Former Ravens quarterback Trent Dilfer set a bad precedent when he led Baltimore to a Super Bowl title. Now teams believe that a lousy quarterback combined with a great defense is all that is required to win a Super Bowl. (Ben Roethlisberger didn't help last season.) But Grossman is pushing it. Grossman makes Dilfer look like Otto Graham. The Bears only chance to win is to have Brian Griese under center, and that is really just saying that the team has no chance.

Coach Lovie Smith made a bad situation worse when he benched team-favorite Thomas Jones in favor of the unimpressive Cedric Benson. The Bears defense was so enraged by the decision, they ordered a code red on Benson during a recent practice.

The Bears defense is the only thing giving the team credibility, but that just won’t be enough. It will be a long year for Chicago.

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Jake Plummer said...

Brian Greise is the slowest QB in NFL history. He would throw picks under pressure against a pop warner team.

I only throw picks when there is a nice pocket.

The Analyzer said...

I find it quite funny that the Bears season depends completely on an unproven QB. You'd swear he was Joe Montana by the way fans talk about him and he hasn't done anything to deserve the praise.

DAWUSS said...

Bears are going 8-8 at best