Sunday, August 06, 2006

Super Bowl Buzz Kill

Why your team won't win the Super Bowl:

Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie recently stated that the signing of Terrell Owens was a mistake. And that pretty much sums up this loser organization. Yeah, it was a mistake to sign the player who was the difference in getting the Eagles over the hump to advance to the Super Bowl. It appears, through Lurie's statement, that it is more important to placate Donovan McNabb's ego than it is to win football games.

So don’t expect the Eagles to get to the Super Bowl while McNabb is quarterback. Just remember, McNabb was 0-3 in NFC title games prior to Owen's arrival. And the Vikings thought they were going to be better without Randy Moss last year.

The Eagles also have one of the most overrated coaches in NFL history. Put 100 pounds and a mustache on Mike Martz and you have Eagles coach Andy Reid. The Eagles finished third in the league with 620 pass attempts, but that was because Reid was forced to temper his passing fancy once McNabb went down with a stomach ache. And it's not like any of the back-up QBs could be worse than McNabb; so it appears that McNabb is calling the plays, too.

Running back Brian Westbrook is versatile, but far too small to be an every-down back. And do you even want to talk about the receivers? The club was forced to make a trade for an undrafted free agent (Hank Baskett), and he appears to be the top guy in training camp.

Good luck with all of that.

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Adam B said...

well, since owens didn't play in the NFC championship game in '05, McNabb is actually 1-3 without owens...

Blonde said...

The Eagles will NEVER win a Super Bowl with McNabb as the QB. I bet my pussy on it.

Owens was the best player the Eagles had in years, from an athletic perspective. He made McNabb a better player. Now McNabb is back to being an overly celebrated douchebag, good for nothing cocksucker.

CJ said...

Well, the Raiders had an awfully good season with Randy Moss, didn't they?

Oh, that's right, they blew chunks... again...

And Adam is right. D Mac won an NFC Championship without TO. But nice try anyway.