Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Super Bowl Buzz Kill

Why your team won't win the Super Bowl:

The Jaguars have a nice team. They finished 12-4 last season. They have decent skill position people with quarterback Byron Leftwich, with receivers Earnest Wilford, Reggie Williams and Matt Jones. Running back Fred Taylor has the durability of Trot Nixon swinging a bat, but Greg Jones and rookie Maurice Drew are capable backups. The defense is solid, too. So maybe the Jags could be a sleeper team in the AFC?


The Jaguars doomed there season with one signing—hiring Mike Tice as Assistant Head Coach/Offense. Way to submarine your season. Look for the Jaguars to start 6-0 and finish out of the playoffs, Leftwich to grope exotic dancers on a boat trip. Taylor to be arrested with drug paraphernalia and Wilford to run over a meter maid. If anything, Tice would have fit in perfectly in Cincinnati.


DAWUSS said...

Actually, the Jaguars will fall apart because they had a soft schedule last year and now have a tough schedule this year.

Adam B said...

their biggest problem, after losing jimmy smith, is wide receiver. if reggie williams finally wakes up, or if matt jones makes a huge leap, then they could be VERY good. it will be interesting to see how marcedes lewis does, as well. TE's seem to adapt to the pro game quicker, and he could be a great receiving threat.

the defense will be better this year, with donavan darius back from a knee injury, and brian williams taking the RCB spot.

NFL Adam said...

I like the skill guys and Lewis. But I'm telling you, Tice sinks this whole ship.

Pun intended.

TheBigO said...

I really need my boy Reggie Willaims to get his head outta his ass. I don't even recognize this cat anymore, he goes from being the greatest reciever of all times at the UW to a scrub. This cat DOMINATED folks, he's fuckin huge and he's got jets. I don't get it maybe he's gettin more tang than most astronauts but still c'mon bruh, get it together. I mean he played Ironman for us at the dub, he'd throw on another jersey over his #1 and go out and play corner, he's a fuckin stud, he's just really fuckin up so far.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

reggie williams -- from the mighty UW -- will pull in more tail than Tice or anyone.

Sun Devil said...

Raiders. 6 and 10. Bank on it.