Thursday, August 03, 2006

Raiders Fans Rejoice

It turns out pat downs outside of NFL stadiums have been deemed unconstitutional.

Yeah, that's a great idea. Ben Franklin once said that those willing to give up freedom for security deserve neither.

But Franklin never spent any time in the Oakland Coliseum.


Drunk Freddy said...

Great. Now I can sneak booze into games again.

Oh, my head.

Diane said...

I've been to soccer match in Scotland that ended in a riot and nothing has scared me more than attending the Rams/Raiders game at the Coliseum. My goal was to get through the game without getting any blood on me from the fights breaking out all over.

NFL Adam said...

Make sure you read this:

Diane said...

That article is great! A friend of mine who flies up from the OC to Raiders' home games in Oaktown has been trying to convince me that the Oakland fans are much better - maybe he is right!

Anonymous said...

I hopes dat day makes it uncoshtitushinal at Calshtate Fullerton gamesh. They selsh no beersh anymo.

Captain America said...

I agrees with anmynous. I love the Titansh buts I want get drunksh. Tanquraysh ats the gamesh.

Drunk Freddy said...

Shtop making fun of me.

TruFan80 said...


Anonymous said...

I like Hater Nation. Very funny and smart.

Always have loved the comedy.

I even get all the jokes.

Hard trade from an ignorant hillbilly from Bakersfield.

Yet it always rings true.

Keep the good times coming.

One more from the road.

Anonymous said...

Adam I gave you one more out and you did not take it. Strange tidings from a man who is so much funnier and smarter than TruFan80.

Beware of those country boys.

How do you like TruFan80 now?

Hillbilly logic is a tough adversary. It just bleeds to the bone and eventually comes up real.

The stupid people that get college degrees right?

Dam I should have read more novels when I was hanging out on the Kern River.

Wait a minute. I did read alot of Mark Twain so I must be an ignorant hillbilly.

Hung out with Buck Owens kid so that concludes my education.

Road an intertube by Merle Haggards house and threw rocks at his bulls.

Crazy Bakersfield boy with nothing else to do.

Got fired on by split shot shotguns.

No harm. Funnest time in my life.

What an amazing thing to find out that we always underestimate people.

You and I and everybody else.

Hope you and Jennifer are well.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone has realized we are getting the shaft for being raider fans. now i can sneak in my midget cousin.