Monday, August 28, 2006

The Post Mortem

History was made at Angels Stadium on Sunday. No, it wasn't that the Yankees managed to actually beat the Angels. Yankees manager Joe Torre went to closer Mariano Rivera with no outs and a six run lead in the eighth inning. Has this ever happened in Major League Baseball history? A manager going to his closer with a six-run lead in the eighth inning?

Nothing illustrates just how far the Angels have burrowed into the head of the Yankees then that panic move. Nice vote of confidence for the bullpen, too. It had been joked about that the Yankees are intimidated by the Angels. And it did seem like a joke. Until yesterday. Now it's the truth. So many teams are in awe of the Yankees, but the New Yorkers just curl up in the fetal position when it comes to the Angels.

Too bad the Angels can't play the Yankees more often, like the playoffs. But it appears that the Angels won't get a chance to represent in the playoffs as it appears a daunting task to catch Oakland. Especially since Boston has arrived in the Bay Area intent on getting swept by the A's. So the Yankees will now face the Twins and/or A's in the playoffs this year, meaning that only the Tigers (who are in New York starting Tuesday) to save humanity.

  • The Yankees are supposed to be such a class organization. Yet, they threw behind Juan Rivera on Saturday and also walked Vladimir Guerrero and Howie Kendrick to prevent either player from having an opportunity to hit for the cycle. Congrats on the Yankees for finally getting Kendrick out on Sunday.

  • Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter hit a home run in the eighth inning with his team leading by six runs. Will there be endless calls for how Jeter isn’t clutch and that he only hits meaningless home runs? Where is the outrage New York fans?

  • There is no excuse to leave 21 runners on base. The Angels should now run themselves out of every inning, because that would be less painful.

  • Phillip Rivers injured his shoulder after he fumbled for the third time on Saturday. That decision to get rid of Drew Brees is looking better by the day. The lack of a veteran back-up quarterback is going to cost the Chargers another season, and coach Marty Schottenheimer his job.

  • Jake Plummer did little to keep the Jay Cutler for President coalition off his tail with his recent performance.

  • Will be involved in a fantasy football draft tonight. Can’t wait until somebody drafts Koren Robinson. The bad jokes are already prepared.

  • Has Edgerrin James gained any position yards this preseason? No matter, the Cardinals are looking pretty sharp. Everybody is raving about Matt Leinart's performance (15 of 21 for 144 and 1 touchdown), but Kurt Warner also was impressive. Still not going to buy the hype this year for the Cardinals. Just won’t do it.

  • Just want to give a shout-out to all THN fans out in the great city of Buffalo. Sorry that your Bills are so terrible, tough. And really, Flash is not that angry of a person.

  • Peter King has openly wondered by Junior Seau received Willie McGinest's No. 55 jersey. Way to contiue to suckup to the Patriots.

Cris Collinsworth's weekly column has returned to But for some reason, the column doesn’t seem to be as well written as it has been for the past four years.


Jeet said...

I hit two homers, loser.

Diane said...

Brees was and is a journeyman QB that has a good season - think Rich Gannon - it was time to go with the young guy . . . but Marty still sucks

NFL Adam said...

I wasn't the biggest Brees fan, either. But you need an insurance policy in case the kid can't, you know, hold on to the football or something.

Diane said...

Adam - you make a good point - maybe the Bolts could hire some wily old veteran as a back up . . . I wonder what Jeff George is doing . . .