Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Owens Fitting In

Bill Parcells does not believe in injuries. But he believes in Terrell Owens. And the coach knows that his season rests in the hands of the talented receiver. But that doesn't mean that Owens Cowboys teammates need to like it.

Terry Glenn complained to the Star Telegram that he is not allowed to take time off because he has blisters on his feet. Yeah, way to shake that moniker of being a woman, Teri. What Glenn needs to realize is that he is Terry Glenn and he is not Terrell Owens. Receivers like Glenn are a dime a dozen. While his diminished skills would be in high demand in say, Philadelphia, he is not really all that important to the offense in Dallas that boasts of Owens and tight end Jason Witten.

In fact, it's hard to believe Glenn is complaining at all. He should want to be on the field as much as possible to keep his spot on the team ahead guys like Patrick Crayton. Like Skyler Green couldn't take over Glenn's role as brooding malcontent.

But if the Cowboys do need somebody to give T.O. a jolt, maybe they could ask this guy.


Slade said...

In my best Jim Ross impression:

(Glass shatters)


TJ Rubley said...

I know that for Dallas fans, Owens committed blasphemy when he danced on that star. But for the rest of us, it remains his finest moment. I wish he had taken a dump on that thing.