Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Moss In Mid-Season Form

Raiders receiver Randy Moss made waves last preseason when he admitted that he smokes pot "once in a blue moon."

So far, it seems as though the Raiders game plan is to get Moss the ball "once in a blue moon." Moss had one reception (hey, that was one more than last week), one temper tantrum and one helmet tossed during the Raiders victory on Monday night. Moss stomped his feet like a petulant child after Aaron Brooks didn't see him wide open in the end zone.

Why did he care? Brooks just would have overthrown him anyway.

Moss also tossed his helmet and stewed on the bench after he was removed from the game by coach Art Shell—during the middle of a drive. Maybe Moss should be applauded for wanting to play in an exhibition game. After listening to Clinton Portis and Jeremy Shockey, he appears to be the only one who does. Hell, he should be applauded for not wanting to take any plays off. Moss, however, will be singing a different tune when the Raiders start the season 1-7.

Brooks continued his mastery of the quarterback position by completing one pass in six attempts. Brooks has now completed two passes in the entire preseason. In a related note, Raiders Brady Quinn jerseys are selling at a brisk pace. (Just kidding. If the Raiders land the first overall selection, they will pass one Quinn to take a defensive tackle.)

The only logical solution for the Raiders right now would be to start Andrew Walter and have him throw at least a half-dozen jump balls to Moss down the field each half. But logic and the Raiders are as synonymous as winning and the Raiders so look for Brooks to be the starter for the majority of the season.


Drizztdj said...

Throwing jump balls to Moss is exactly how Cunningham led the Vikes to that 15-1 season.

Hopefully Art Shell has some tapes on this.

Anonymous said...

Jeff George almost relaunched his career doing that, too.