Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How About Paris Hilton Stadium?

It would at least have a better chance and mean virtually the same thing. The owners of the infamous Las Vegas hot spot, the Pink Taco restaurant, had designs on being the Birds' naming rights partner for the club's new stadium.

Unfortunately for the Morton’s Restaurant Group, the owners of the Cardinals are not a bunch of drunk 20-somethings who giggle when they hear the name of the eatery.

It could be a solid strategy because the Cardinals could actually become a laughingstock of professional sports for something other than their futility on the field. But you have to imagine that the stadium has about as much chance of being named the Pink Taco as Neil Lomax does of being the Birds starter this season (although he is a better option than John Navarre).

Restaurateur Harry Morton insists that the overture is not a publicity stunt. And really, you have to trust the word of Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend. It's hard to imagine that the Pink Taco could come up with $30M to secure the deal—unless there is a huge market for bland food and watered down margaritas. Which, of course, would kind of describe the concession operations for most stadiums.



Sun Devil said...

Excellent Neil Lomax reference. I am impessed.

Scott said...

Hell, Bernie Lomax has a better chance than John Navarre.

Diane said...

I'm not sure that having daddy buy a restaurant so you have yet another place to drink for free makes you a "restauranteur"