Friday, August 18, 2006

Don't Worry T.O.

Deion Sanders has your back. Sanders defended T.O. in a radio interview on Friday morning, and really, why shouldn’t he? Sanders is kind of an expert in this field. Sanders missed the first-half of the 1995 season with a toe injury when he signed a lucrative deal with the Cowboys. Not that it didn't work out well for the Cowboys who went on to win Super Bowl 30. Sanders not only came out and defended Owens, he actually bashed Bill Parcells as he said that coach Parcells needs T.O. more than T.O. needs Parcells. And you want to know the scary thing?

Deion is right.

Why is Parcells still regarded as such a legend? Parcells won two Super Bowls with the Giants (and Bill Belichick as coach) and has not reached those heights again. Parcells led the Patriots to an AFC Championship crown, the Jets to the AFC title game and the Cowboys to a first-round defeat. Anybody else noticing the diminishing returns here? Parcells is still viewed as a Hall of Fame coach and a guy like Tom Flores—who won two Super Bowls with the Raiders—is doing a radio talk show in Mono County.

Deion is right on. Parcells does need Owens a lot more. Without Owens, the Cowboys are a 5-11 football team. Who is going to catch the ball, Terry Glenn? Owens makes them a playoff team. If Owens doesn’t play, and the Cowboys struggle and prove Deion's point.

Damn, Deion Sanders—voice of reason. Who though you would see the day?

Wikipedia Fun Fact: Everybody knows that Sanders played football and baseball at Florida State, but not many people know that Sanders is an accomplished water polo player. Sanders led the FSU water polo team to the national title game in 1988, where it lost to UCI.


Anonymous said...

T.O. is gay.

Anonymous said...

Do my eyes deceive me? Is a Raider being portrayed in a positive light on the Hater Nation?

Anonymous said...

Somebody must be getting the Stockholm Syndrome.

Sun Devil said...


Only one guy caught a pass from Brett Favre in college and pro football.

Both were touchdown passes.

It was Deion. haha fuck Favre...22 picks to go! Please note these stats as you buzzkill the Packers

PTPers10 said...

I was at that water polo match. Unfortunately Deion's trademark dance doesn't translate well to water.