Monday, August 14, 2006

Congrats Jered

Forget the 7-0 start—you aren't officially a member of the Angels until you punk the New York Yankees. Jered Weaver showed that he was ready as he struck out the side to open Sunday's game and it didn’t get much better for the Bronx Bummers after that. Weaver's deceptive motion and command of his pitches turned Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Johnny Damon and Jorge Posada into a bunch of whining (female dogs).

Oh wait, the Yankees always act like that when they don’t get every call. Seriously, Jeter and A-Rod act like an umpire insulted their mothers when he calls a strike.

But it didn’t matter. Weaver was dealing, as he struck out eight to win his eighth game. More importantly, Weaver passed the initiation of treating the Yankees like a frat boys treated sheep in the 1950s. Turn in that pledge pin Jered, and pick up your letter sweater. You are a member.

The Angels have now won eight of its last 12 games at Yankee Stadium, and continue to be the only team with a winning record over the Yankees during the Joe Torre era. The Angels, unlike the rest of the American League, have no fear of the alleged mystique the team killed in 2002 and continue to this day. Weaver's mastery of the Yankees was reminiscent of the way "Yankees Killer" Chuck Finley owned the Yankees.

The only problem is that beating the Yankees directly helps the Boston Red Sox. While it's fun to punk the Yankees repeatedly, they need to make the playoffs so the Angels can send them home.



Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Hey, some time you guys should do an article about the Angels. That would be awesome.

NewYorkDork said...

I agree, Yankees SUCK!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a Matt Leinart story is in order as well.