Friday, July 28, 2006

Your move, Mr. Stoneman

The Texas Rangers have acquired outfielder Carlos Lee from the Milwaukee Brewers because when you get down to it, the Rangers always seem to be one bat shy of winning. This deal comes on the heels of last-place Seattle dealing one of its top prospects for Ben Broussard. The A’s are almost certainly going to deal before the deadline.

And that leaves the Angels. It has become depressingly apparent that Howie Kendrick is going to be that promised impact bat. Or the team will reason that the resurgence Juan Riveria is better than making a deal. Not that either player is doing bad, but the Angels need to do more. If they don't think so, they are a bunch of dopes.

Kendrick should now be untouchable. And the only player on the Major League roster available should be Adam Kennedy. But anybody else in the minors should be fair game to get Miguel Tejada. Be it Brandon Wood, Joe Saunders or Mark Trumbo. Trade them.

Of course, the team wouldn't need to make a deal if they had kept Troy Glaus—a move that probably cost them the World Series title last year.

So it's up to you, Stoneman. The other clubs in the division have proven that they want to win, do you?


Sun Devil said...

The Glaus deal fucked the DBacks too...Arte Moreno is a jackass

PTPers10 said...

In addition to Kennedy, I'd also like to submit J.C. Romero as another player on the MLB roster that is "tradeable." I say we go back to the days of the all righty bullpen.

Seitz said...

I'd rather stand pat. Seriously. They may not have enough to win the division this year, but they just might. And none of the other teams scare me. Texas didn't really improve much in this deal, if at all. And let's face it, the Angels aren't winning the World Series this year regardless of what happens in the division race. I want all of those prospects to be at Spring Training next year.

Anonymous said...

Unless Wood changes position, he's going to have a long time to toil in the minors. OC should be allowed to play out his career in Anaheim. Maybe Wood can switch to CF or something.

MLBJennifer said...

I am 110% behind the Romero trade. He was great getting us out of bases loaded in the season opener at Seattle, but since then, NOTHING. As for AK, NFL Adam, Back OFF! I love my team, but we need a bat. I don't know who I want to give up though. This weekend is going to be the test to see if we can do any better than winning the AL West. At this point I have my doubts. I don't see T-e-has doing any better than 3rd. It is just to hard to play in that heat ALL season long, and they seem to fade about now in the season. I'm just saying is all.

bucky said...

Texas didn't really improve much in this deal, if at all.
I don't know how they're spinning this in the American League, or in Texas, but in Milwaukee they feel as if they've had a bowling pin jammed up their ass without the benefit of vaseline.

Carlos Lee was the best everyday player on the roster, the one guy they could conut on to hit day in/day out. Nelson Cruz was the top outfield prospect in the organization. Doug Melvin traded them for a couple of Just A Guys.