Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup Preview

It seems pretty obvious that most of America will be pulling for Italy in today's game, lest France win another World Cup of Freedom Ball. But what is obviously on the minds of most Americans right now, who is Barry Bonds rooting for?



Many of you are e-mailing me to ask if I've been following the World Cup, and actually, I am watching most of the matches. I wake up in the morning, taken enough HGH to kill a horse, go to the gym and then get back home in time to eat breakfast and see the games. So far the teams I've picked have done well, but I started off the World Cup picking Brazil to win the whole thing. Now I will root for Portugal because my kids are part Portuguese, but I predict Italy vs. France in the finals and Italy to win it all.

Who the hell are these people wondering if Bonds is following the World Cup? Can you see a couple of wankers hanging around, watching the games saying, "Hey, this game is great…I wonder if Barry Bonds is seeing this? Let's email his website!" Unless there is some sort of steroid scandal in the World Cup that was missed, it’s hard to imagine anybody wondering about that at all.

Thanks to Philippa's Daily News Planet.


parnellpr said...

Hey, why would Barry root for France, and what is the world cup of freedom ball?Also I you guys currently thoroughly disliked the the Italian Football team given mr de rossis elbow positioning? Thanx for the shout out.....Funny blog btw

Cool Hand Mike said...

World Cup News

Germany defeated Portugal in the consolation game. This will ensure them the World Cup championship as long as France defeats Italy. The French would then surrender the title to Germany and Italy will fully agree with the decision. France will then hold a parade in Paris for the champion Duetchlanders. REPRESENTING DUETCHLAND will be on banners and the champagne will flow.

If Italy wins, they will then agree to share the title, however the trophy will be on display in Berlin and Berlin only.