Friday, July 21, 2006

The Weak Ender

The Patriots made a huge mistake years ago when they dumped the traditional Minuteman from their uniform for the current design. It was easily one of the coolest logos in the NFL, next to the Browns. Dumping the red uniforms was a mistake also. What isn’t a mistake are the new uniforms of the New England Patriots cheerleaders. Too bad those broads will be wearing fur coats by October. But those early games in September should be interesting.

You can catch more pictures of Michelle here, here, or here. Now that we have rid ourselves of the pervs, it's time to move on. Oh, and thanks to the Insomniac's Lounge for making this possible.

  • Former Negro League star Buck O'Neil appeared in a minor league All-star game becoming the oldest baseball player in history. But the publicity stunt ended horribly when Roger Clemens beaned O'Neil, who was crowding the plate.

  • Patriots coach Bill Belichick was reported to be the "other man" in an illicit affair with a married woman. The husband, Mike Martz, was said to be devastated by the news. Do you think if the husband was the Sports Dork Bill Simmons, would he even be upset by this news? Or would he think it was an honor that Belichick deemed his wife hot enough to hook up with?

  • There is a report that Blue Jays manager John Gibbons challenged Shea Hillenbrand to a fight. Way to pick on a girl. Hopefully the Angels were joking when they said that they would consider Hillenbrand to play first base. Evidentally bantamweight third baseman Maicer Izturis is just that damn good.

  • Vince Young is reportedly asking for a signing bonus larger than the $54M deal that first overall pick Mario Williams signed. Young is believed to be asking for $60M. But hey, after looking at his Wonderlic score, Young might believe that $60M < $54M.

This is from the Post Mortem on 7/10:

You have to say that golf has come a long way when two African Americans—Tiger Woods and Trevor Immelman—were battling it out for the Western Open title. Immelman won his first ever PGA event. But having Tiger near the top of the leader board should signal the end of the Lefty era as both golfers take their respective places.

Tiger is already running away with the British Open. Lefty? Wow, he's below David Duval.


TheBigO said...

"But hey, after looking at his Wonderlic score, Young might believe that $60M < $54M."

"What a silly negro" - SNL best of Eddie Murphy.

Fuck you. Douchebag.

I'vegotBongoLips said...
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Anonymous said...

Roger Clemens
Bill Belichick
Mike Martz
Bill Simmons
John Gibbons
Shea Hillenbrand
Phil Mickelson

You would have a better time convincing me that NFL Adam hates white people.

Nat X said...


Velvet Jones said...

Why can't everybody on this site get along and love love as much as I do?

TheBigO said...

"Roger Clemens
Bill Belichick
Mike Martz
Bill Simmons
John Gibbons
Shea Hillenbrand
Phil Mickelson "


NFL Jennifer said...

Little O, I think you like to bitch just to hear yourself bitch. Shut it already. If you don't like the stories why are you still here? Grow a sack, be a true man, and get over yourself already. Oh, and have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

You are a racist for calling all of those guys douche bags. Especially when Vince Young is the douchiest of all of the bags.

TheBig0 said...
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TheBigO said...

I am pissed off about this site. But it is so good, I can’t help but come back. And that above post was not me.

Orville said...

Big O, you need to get registered to the Hater Nation forum so you have an additional avenue through which to drive Hater nuts. It's a great place to get clean, have a meal, do whatever.

nfl jennifer said...
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TheBigO said...


I'm racist because I think Belichik and co. are douchebags???? How do you figure??? Is Douche a race??? Were there ancestors water people mixed with vinegar people??

NFLAdam said...

C'mon children. You can rip this site and the author as much as you would like, but quit bagging on other people. Don’t make me remove the comments section. We would miss Zach. Big O is entitled to his misguided opinions.

the Bish's rug said...

what happened to the "moment of Bish" segment? I have nothing else to live for

PS: Simmons isn't gay?

insomniac said...

I think "signability" was a factor in the Texans drafting Mario Williams, so I can understand why Bush wants to paid like a #1 and Young wants more than Williams as well.

Personally, I'd like to see the NFL adopt some modified version of the NBA's rookie salary structure. Maybe when Condeleeza Rice is commissioner, she can make it happen.

..on another note- I love the treatment you've been giving Hillenbrand the last few days. Good stuff.

bucky said...

I wish they would have given Buck O'Neil an at bat against Jamie Moyer. I saw that beaten down old mule throw batting practice to the Sox last night, and O'Neil would have bounced one off the Citgo sign.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

my days wouldn't be the same w/o The Hater Nation comments section. Be nice, people.

the wolf said...

"The three-time Super Bowl-winning head coach has sent Sharon “large sums of money and expensive gifts which she has used to purchase expensive clothing, pocketbooks, watches, a treadmill and maid service, most of which she initially hid from (her husband)."

WTF? How did she hide a treadmill from her husband? Is he in a coma?

daddy said...

Uh, what was the Weakender about? I got distracted by Michelle.