Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Update: Jeff Weaver Still Sucks

Jeff Weaver sure was a godsend on Monday—for the Atlanta Braves who tattered the former Angels pitcher for six runs in four innings with two home runs, including a grand slam. Yeah, the Sign Guy must feel really good about that one today. And to think, Weaver was battered around by an inferior National League team. It would be understandable if it was, you know, a real baseball team or something.

But that's Weaver. Anybody still think that signing Weaver was a good idea? Oh that's right, The Bish thought it was a great signing. To quote the Bish, "I think with the signing of Jeff Weaver the staff is now stronger than the one last year." (And really, why do some columnists feel the narcissistic need to constantly write, “I think” all the time? You would think the thin-skinned sports editor would try to protect his columnist and have this story either pulled or updated. You can email a question to the Bish if you follow the link. Bonus points if you get him to answer a question about his hair.)

Meanwhile, Angels rookie Dustin Moseley won his first major league start. How much did Weaver cost again? Of course, the best part of the evening was when the mouthy broad talking too loud and making shallow observations in the next row was booted out of her seat. The second best was that the Angels scored ten runs. That means:

Free Hooters hotwings, people!

And for the record, the founder of Hooters passed away on Monday, so props to the Angels for this special tribute. This must have been a tough day for former Hooters girls such as
Lee Ann Tweeden, Christy Hemme and Amy Adams. Thanks to The Wade Blogs for the head's up.


StLouisSucks said...

Baseball Heaven????!!!!!!
More like a steaming pile of shit.

Poor Weaver. He sucks. And now he sucks in St. Louis. At least he was in LA and Anaheim, while he sucked. Now, everything sucks for him.
That must suck.

Billy Baseball said...

Yeah, but we in St. Louis don't care about garbage like Hooter's like you dickhead surfers.

Billybaseballsucksdick said...

Ahh, surfers. Good one, Billy. Especially for a pea-brained, limp-dick from the Loooo. Stick to poking your squishy sister and being Chicago, KC and Memphis' bitch you lard-ass.

TheBigO said...

Ladies please!!!!!! My Supersonics just got shipped to the armpit of the nation. Let's put things in perspective here. :)

Anonymous said...


Great song. Whatever happened to JJ Fad?

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

jeff -- especially with the success of his bro, jered -- has been officially disowned by his family. sad story. really.