Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Those Crazy Broads

Danica Patrick and Michelle Wie could be making the jump to the next level in their respective sports. Patrick is flirting with the idea of joining the NASCAR circuit, while Wie has long been rumored to be taking a stab at the PGA Tour.

That’s great and all. But how about these two ladies actually, you know, win an event or something.

It’s like a guy with a 6.45 ERA at AAA demanding a call up. Or maybe a fat running back who only played one year of college football demanding to be put in the NFL Draft. (Maybe that's a bad example.) It doesn't make sense if you can dominate (or at least beat) your peers once.

There are like what, eight drivers who participate in IRL? And Patrick can't win at least one race? Statistical reason states should have won a race by now. Instead, Patrick's claim to fame is that she was once leading the Indy 500. Oh, shes ready to trade paint with Tony Stewart. And what about Wie? For all of the hype has she ever shown that she belongs with the LPGA much less the PGA? Not that she could do worse than David Duval, but she still needs a win.

It's not to say that women can't compete with the men. Annika Sorenstam, for instance, should be competing on the PGA tour—no matter what Vijay Singh has to say. Sorenstam has proven everything she needs to prove and she should move on. Patrick and Wie have no come close to that level yet.


Seitz said...

Sorenstam is better than Wie in womens' tournaments, but Wie would kick Sorenstam's ass on courses set up for PGA tour players. Wie has the length to play with men. Sorenstam doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you learn how to spell Wie's name correctly, you illiterate son of a bitch. I can't believe you're a restaurant writer and you can't even spell someone's name right. Come on man, get with the f-in program.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

this is classic Hater Nation material! those stupid, no-good broads. shape up, ladies.

NFL Adam said...

Sorenstam's drive average is in line with Corey Pavin. Who, incidentally, is last on the PGA. Still, playing long does not always make the best golfer.

But the point is, Sorenstam has earned the right to play on the PGA tour. Wie is a gimmick.

Seitz said...

Actually, neither have earned the right. Neither has gone through Q-school or is otherwise exempt. Both have played on sponsors exemptions, which really isn't anyone's "right".

But the Corey Pavin line proves my point. Put Corey Pavin up against Tiger Woods on one the courses that they play on the womens' tours which play to maybe 6,200-6,400 yards. Pavin's got a shot there. Put them both on a man's course that measures 7,300 yards, and Pavin gets bitchslapped.

NFL Adam said...

Tiger Woods pretty much slaps anybody he plays with. Really. There is more to golf, though, than driving long. Or even really winning PGA tournaments.

Again, the point is that Sorenstam has lapped the competition on the LPGA. She has nothing left to prove. She should go to Q school and compete regularly on the PGA tour.

It's like a guy hitting .400 at AAA and not wanting to make the leap to the majors.

Wie is not in that class. She is like a .182 AAA hitter that can hit 400-ft. home runs when she connects. But she rarely does. Wie needs to concentrate on the LPGA and actually prove something before moving on to golf's biggest stage.

Blonde said...

I want to start my comment by telling any feminist bitches here to kiss my ass.

Annika and Wie and Danica DO NOT BELONG PLAYING WITH THE BOYS. Stick to their own and leave it be. Those LPGA twats would be up in arms if Tiger decided he wanted to play in their tournaments. Everyone just go play where they belong. Period.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with them playing on the PGA Tour? Do you feel threatened by that or something? If they're good enough to hack it, then let it be.

And NFL Adam, playing long does make the best golfer. Grip it and rip it. Tee it high, let it fly.

Lil Dieter said...

We Will Crush You!

daddy said...
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Conrad Bain said...

Since no one who participates in the PGA or Nascar is an athlete, I have no problem with women competing in these games any more than if they were competing in a cakewalk at a 4-H fair. In fact, I'm not sure half the tittied, lard-assed, knock-kneed geeks who tour with the PGA could even complete a cakewalk without having a coronary or blowing out a hip.

Danica may not have won anything yet, but she already has scoreboard over Dale Earnhardt if for no other reason than she is still breathing. What does it say about your "sport" that the greatest driver ever ran into a fucking wall? Were the NFL to adopt that standard, Gus Frerotte would have a fucking Wheaties box!

As for Annika and Michelle, the fact that either woman could physically beat the snot out Phil Mickelson entitles them to a shot at him off the tee.

Gus Frerotte said...

Screw the Wheaties box... I got an action figure, bitch.

NFL Adam said...

It figures that the syndicated Simpsons last night was the one where Patty was going to marry the LPGA star, who turned out to be a man.

Or is that kind of a reach?

Seitz said...

Again, the point is that Sorenstam has lapped the competition on the LPGA. She has nothing left to prove. She should go to Q school and compete regularly on the PGA tour.

By all means, let her go to Q school. I'm quite confident, however, that she wouldn't make it through, mostly because she doesn't have the length to compete on the courses that the men play. Pavin is exempt, but I'm not sure he could make it through right now either. Wie at least has the length to compete at that level.

Which isn't to say I'd be rooting for or against either one. I really couldn't care less.

Wie needs to concentrate on the LPGA and actually prove something before moving on to golf's biggest stage.

Why? We don't make guys compete and prove themselves on the Nationwide tour before playing on the PGA tour. Good lord, she's only like 18!

daddy said...


"Ass," "screw" and "bitch" are perfectly acceptable, but when I post something that hits a little too close to the moderator's home, it get axed.

Damn. I guess you can screw that bitch in the ass.

NFL Adam said...

At least somebody isn't opposed to being the bitch.