Thursday, July 13, 2006

This Will End Well

Being an NFL rookie can be a daunting task. That is why it's important to have strong leadership from veterans who have been there before. Guys like Adam "PacMan" Jones. Yes, it seems that Pacman Jones has decided to take Young under his wing and show him the ropes.

No word on when Pacman will give Young a tour of the Nashville PD holding facilities.

Young, according to some dude on the radio today, will be hosting a party with Jones and LenDale White. That's a group you want your franchise quarterback to hang out with. Young is reportedly close to signing a $50M deal with the Titans and White will likely make a good chunk of change, too. You would think somebody on the management team would want to separate Jones from all of the rookies.

Unless, of course, they are going for some sort of "scared straight" type of deal.

Things have gone downhill for Young following his victory in the Rose Bowl. From criticism for his limp-wristed throwing motion, hiring Major Dad as his agent, the wonderlic test and the media-whoring reality television series, things haven’t been so rosy for Young who looks to be come the second coming of Jeff George.

And really, you know that contract is bound to surpass Ricky Williams for most ill-fated rookie contract in NFL history. You could see those negotiations going the same way Kramer's negotiation went with that coffee company on Seinfeld.

Floyd Reese: "Vince, we are ready to offer you five…"
Vince Young: "I’ll take it!"
Floyd Reese: "Five… hundred thousand over five years."

Not that it would matter. If Young couldn’t afford a car, Jones would easily teach him how to steal one.


TheBigO said...

Isn't it awesome how no white dude in the tennessee Titans organization has ever commited a crime of anytype whatsoever??? Golly, sure hope that mean old Pacman doesn't try to bring any of them down.

Scott said...

Dude, give it up. Your anti-anything-but-black rants have no merit. Anytime anyone in the NFL gets in trouble with the law for anything, it is covered, especially this time of year when NFL news is at an annual low.

About 75% of NFL players are black, so all other things being equal, you'd expect 75% of the crimes committed by NFL players would be by black players. According to "Pros and Cons: The Criminals Who Play in the NFL", 20% of the players in the NFL will commit a crime. So, statistically, that means we can expect 11 players to get arrested on a 53 man roster, 3 white and 8 black.

Albert Haynesworth (road rage)
Cortland Finnegan (DUI)
Pacman Jones (disorderly conduct)
Steve McNair (DUI/weapons possession)
Brad Hopkins (domestic assault)
Tank Williams (DUI)
Samari Rolle (domestic assault)
Tyrone Calico (public indecency)

Now you go find 3 white Titans who have recently been arrested. Go ahead... I'll wait.

NFL Jennifer said...

Scott, you rock. Finally a voice of reason.

First Big Zero, see note on last post. Second, "white dudes" end up in the hospital because they are stupid, so pick your poison. Jail bed or Hospital bed.

And C, Grow a set and get over your whole stupid black this white this crap. Seriously, your killing me.

Have a nice day.

Adam B said...

oh man. you know with his wonderlick score, it won't take much to con him into stuff:

PacMan: hey vince, i bought a huge necklace from tiffany's today, but, wouldn't you know it, i left it in the store! I know it's late, but would you mind sneaking in and getting it for me. You ARE a rookie, after all.


Little U said...

Big O, for the sake of humanity,
shut it down!!!!!!!
LOL*@$!! ( * ) o=8

Fake Sturm said...

V Young does not get influenced by bad people. V Young is the leader here.
Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i'll set the over/under of arrests at that party at 5. i'll happily take the over.

TheBigO said...

Y'all are absolutly right, bash away we can take it. Only makes us stronger. Sorry I'm blind to the fact of how equal this county is, golly gee, glad I have you guys to set me straight. Thanks, no really, thanks. Maybe you guys can preach to the police, see if you can get them to stop fuckin w/ me for DWB (but I'm sure that doesn't happen either, naaaaw not in America, never). Can ya get on that???? I sure would appreciate it.