Thursday, July 27, 2006

Super Bowl Buzz Kill

Why Your Team Won't Win the Super Bowl

Imagine you are quarterback Charlie Frye—a local product born and raised in Ohio who grew up idolizing the Browns. Dude had a posters of Bernie Kosar and Drew Carey on his wall and a deep seeded hatred for John Elway, Earnest Byner and Marty Schottenheimer (and if he didn't, he should have).

Frye went on to star in college at Akron and was selected by the Browns in the 2005 NFL Draft. The club anointed Frye the start for 2006 and even went so far to trade the competition—Trent Dilfer. Cleveland even signed an all-pro center, LeCharles Bentley to help ease Frye's transition. The whole thing has to be an absolute dream come true for Frye.

So what happens on the second day of training camp?

Bentley hurts his leg and could miss the whole season.

Welcome to the Browns. Actually, Frye should know better seeing that he grew up witnessing the history of the Browns. He might as well get on Kellen Winslow's motorcycle and do some laps around the parking lot.

And does anybody think that Bentley's injury has anything to do with this guy?

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Sun Devil said...

Frye will have twice the completions, touchdowns, and yards as Aaron Brooks. And he won't throw as many picks.

Jay Cutler said...

He'll be better than Plummer, too.

The Analyzer said...

Frye won't even be able to touch Brooks's numbers.

As for Otto injuring Bentley, it's a very good theory. I had forgotten all about that but Otto could have hired someone..........