Sunday, July 30, 2006

Siege of New Orleans Over

Reggie Bush signs contract.

Wait a minute; does this mean that Bush’s threat of missing the entire season (or retirement according to one source) was nothing more than a negotiating ploy? Why, how could they do something like that? Threatening to hold out for the entire year and then settling just a few days later.

Actually, this is evidence why it is impossible to read newspapers or listen to sports talk radio around the start of training camps. Both columnist and talking heads fell all over themselves thinking that Bush might miss the season, while anybody with any rationality knew that Bush was going to sign. Which explains why Vic the Brick was certain that Reggie was going to skip the entire 2006 NFL season.

But the news isn’t all good. Negotiations between Matt Leinart and the Birds have stalled, meaning that the other former Heisman winner will not be at the start of training camp on Monday. This of course, is the Birds standing operation procedure. What’s more depressing is that Vince Young and Jay Cutler (the quarterbacks selected before and after Leinart) have signed, meaning the quarterback’s salary slot should be determined.

Maybe Leinart should threaten to miss the entire season, it worked for Reggie.


Scott said...

Don't blame Matt. The Cardinals have inserted extra language into Leinart's contract which cover not only steroid tests, but also tests for STDs. They know who he's dating and aren't going to take the risk that he won't be able to hand off to Edge because he's constantly scratching his balls.

TJ Rubley said...

The Cardinals need not worry about Leinart scratching himself during games. As long as The Hater Nation exists, Matt Leinert's balls will be lovingly attended to.