Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Reggie Bush Update

NEW ORLEANS Reggie Bush will retire from the NFL effective immediately, according to a statement released by the running back's agent, Mike Ornstein. The agent wanted to make it clear that this retirement clearly is not a negotiating tool. That would just be unscrupulous. An agent would never threaten to have a player sit out an entire year if it wasn’t completely serious. And retirement? It was just the next logical step.

Bush's agent also said that with his client’s early retirement also gets him ready for 2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame class.

"No player has ever had as much leverage as Reggie has," Ornstein said. "In fact, by retiring, Reggie’s marketability will increase. There is seemingly no end to Reggie’s marketing opportunities just like the .com-boom."


Anonymous said...

He should have stayed at USC.

Drizztdj said...

I bet his autograph will be worth twice as much now!

Cool Hand Mike said...

Just pay his ass already

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