Monday, July 24, 2006

The Post Mortem

Weavermania is taking over! Or Maybe not.

The popular website Deadspin has noted that Jered Weaver mania has yet to really grip Southern California. Even in spite of the fact that Weaver won his seventh game of the season on Sunday.

And you know what? They are absolutely correct.

Maybe Angels fans are fearful that Weaver is going to be sent back down to the minors again. (Something that was predicted on THN a full week before the Bish stole came up with that idea.) Or maybe Angels fans are waiting for Weaver to dominate the American League at which time Bill Stoneman will let him walk away as a free agent because the team has some stud down at AA.

Still, Angels fans are starting to take notice and some may even come to a game just to see Weaver pitch (and not to steal a promotional item).

  • Congratulations to Yankees fans who have taken Alex Rodriguez from the best player in baseball to the second coming of Kevin Maas and Hensley Mullens. Great job, guys. A-Rod will go down in Yankees history as the biggest loser since Don Mattingly.

  • Ricky Williams broke his arm playing in Toronto. When stuff like this happens, it fosters a race in the internet to see who can be the first to make the medical marijuana joke. Zach is the winner.

  • Shea Hillenbrand was traded to the Giants over the weekend, which is good for a couple of reasons. First, he's not coming to the Angels. Second, he's gone to a team where he is not even close to being the club's biggest a-hole.

  • UCLA has agreed to a five-year contract extension with football coach Karl Dorrell, ensuring that the earliest the Bruins will ever beat USC in football will be 2011.

  • The Chicago White Sox mowed down the competition in the playoffs last season, but these guys can’t hit a member of the Texas Rangers? Again, the two clubs were trading bean balls on Sunday. Well, the Rangers were hitting White Sox hitters and John Garland could not hit Ian Kinsler. That of course, did not please Ozzie Guillen. You have to figure that if Guillen wasn't in baseball, he would be one of those overweight, crazy fans that goes to games way too drunk (or on meth), screaming at people who aren't even on the game. Like he would be calling for the White Sox pitcher Jack McDowell to bean Dean Palmer in retaliation. But instead, he's managing a team. Yeah, that’s much better.

You can talk about Tiger Woods being an intimidating player, how long he plays and how he always manages to rise to the occasion. But don't discount how smart this guy is, too. Woods went driver only once to win the British Open. Could you ever imagine Lefty trying to do something like that?


Diane said...

nfl adam - hey neighbor! But when are the Halos going to stop referring to Bartolo Colon as their "ace"? the dude has been on the DL for most of the last year, is 1 - 4 (5?) and has a "fast" ball that now tops out at the mid-80s??? Hail to the new ace Jeff Weaver!

NFL Adam said...

We will find out tomorrow (Saturday) if Weaver is the new ace! But Colon has been a train wreck this season. He needs to shut it down for the year.