Monday, July 17, 2006

The Post Mortem

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants fans who earned some respect for doing nothing on Sunday. Seriously. Phillies pitcher Brett Myers made his return to the mound yesterday in San Francisco after serving a suspension for two weeks for allegedly beating his wife.

The Giants fans didn’t boo Myers, nor should they have. It’s hard to say this, but the Giants fans did the right thing.

Sure, any city in America would likely have booed Myers off the mound. Giants fans really couldn’t. Otherwise it would seem pretty hypocritical to cheer on the steroid abusing, wife-beating Barry Bonds (allegedly... and remember, Bonds was hitting his wife before ‘roid rage) while chastising another team's wife beater. It seems that most Giants fans noted the irony in booing a wife beater while hanging a sign in left field that says A Giant Among Legends (yeah, if those legends were Mickey Rourke, Jim Brown and O.J. Simpson).

Or maybe Giants fans are just a bunch of uneducated miscreants that had no idea that Myers was arrested. That, too, seems highly plausible. Actually, if Giants fans were aware of Myers assault, they might have actually cheered him for doing what he needed to do to get ahead.

  • Congratulations to the Angels. When the Angels lose in the playoffs again this year because they can't score any runs, fans will be able to point to the past 12 games (with the Angels winning 11 of them) as the main reason. General Manager Bill Stoneman does not have to make a move, pointing to the recent success as evidence the Angels have enough to compete. And if the Angels face the Devil Rays in the playoffs, they will sure their number.
  • It's funny, Stoneman is routinely panned for not making any movies, wanting to hold on to his players. Yet, all-stars Troy Glaus, David Eckstein, Bobby Jenks and Derrick Turnbow were allowed to leave without any compensation.

Did you happen to catch the ESPYs on Sunday? Yeah, nobody did. But one of the highlights was supposed to be a surprise appearance by Ben Roethlisberger. Yeah, where was the hero's welcome for coming back from a car accident? How were people supposed to react? Like he was some sort of war hero? He is really only the NFL's version of Gary Busey.

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