Friday, July 21, 2006

NFL Preview

Predicting the Super Bowl winner is played out. It's an exercise in futility. The alleged experts either focus on one team (Panthers), or predict a repeat (Steelers), or try to shock you with an outlandish pick (Giants). And coming from somebody who has seen the inner workings of an NFL magazine—you know just as much as these guys. So The Hater Nation is going to predict that no team is going to win Super Bowl 41. A dumb call, but that prediction is going to stand 31 times out of 32. THN will preview the upcoming by explaining why your team won’t win the Super Bowl.

First up: The New York Jets

The New York Daily News (or some rag out there) recently reported that the quarterback battle for the Jets was going to be furious. There is even talk that rookie Kellen Clemens might edge out Patrick Ramsey for the backup spot behind Chad Pennington. Clemens even received most of the snaps with the first team at a recent mini-camp and could win the starting job.

If you think the Jets are getting anywhere near the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl, then you are one big dope.

And you thought Kyle Boller vs. Kordell Stewart vs. Anthony Wright was the worst quarterback controversy of all-time. This may top the all-time list. The Jets are in serious trouble if they have to start Pennington. They are in ridiculous trouble if they have to start Clemons. They are in "they couldn’t compete in the XFL" trouble if they resort to starting Ramsey.

Not to fear, the Jets will equally as inept running the ball, too. Curtis Martin is coming back from knee surgery. Don't look for Martin to be making a monster comeback unless he has been hanging out with Victor Conte. The Jets backup running back is Blair Thomas.

Eric Mangini was hired by the Jets because he was a Bill Belicheck clone. Too bad he's likely a clone of the Cleveland-era Belicheck. Hey, at least the next team that hires him will have some success. Alright, Mangini should be given a chance to prove himself. But his decision-making ability does not seem too sound with the hiring of Brian Schottenheimer to be the club's quarterbacks coach. Oh wait, he made him offensive coordinator. Yeah, that's way worse.

The Jets did switch to a 3-4 defense for this year, which means that team will have an excuse when it continues to get lit up by opposing teams. Only eight teams allowed more points than the Jets last year (355).

Final word: Even that idiot in the Fireman's hat would have to give up on this team.


Jets! Jets! Jets! said...

They are better than the crappy Rams!

isEVERYONEin-nySTUPID? said...

I actually had to re-read the entry, but nope nowhere is there any mention of the Rams.

Maybe it's the time zone or the water, but for some reason NY fans are just really stupid.

TJ Rubley said...

I can't wait for the preview of the Packers.

NFL jennifer said...
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Brooks Bollinger said...

Who should start at QB for the Jets? Beats me!

Anonymous said...

Wow I bet u feel like a complete asshole cuz once again, you are fuckin wrong. the jets made the fuckin playoffs and have a future ahead of him. chad pennington is comeback player of the year. eric mangini was second in coach of the year. its critics like you that make me sick. u deserve to keep ur mouth fuckin shut after this.