Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Italia 2, Deutcheland Nil

This is hands-down the worst day in my family's history since Grandpapa Lothar perished in 1946, tragically falling off the top of that guard tower. I'd rather not get into the details....

And now a bunch of Cheese-Eating, Wine Slurping, Funky-Smelling Surrender Monkeys are decending on our country's capital, with thoughts of World Domination. Nonsense! What is the world coming to!

This will not stand! Brothers, take arms! We must crush the enemy! Crush them all! All heil .... (um, that's just about enough, Dieter -- ed. Lil' Dieter might be making a trip to that great Wiernerschnitzel in the sky if he doesn't improve his attitude.)

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Rocksteady said...

At least Klinnsman can come back home and party with Dennis Rodman in Newport Beach.