Thursday, July 20, 2006

Don’t Worry T.O.

Randy Moss has your back.

Moss, no stranger to controversy, has weighed in on the whole Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb falling out on the Dan Patrick show recently. And the nation is grateful that the exemplar of petulant receivers has finally weighed in.

"McNabb in a certain sense didn't want to share the fame," said Moss "And I really believe that. And by T.O. putting in his book and coming out of his mouth and saying it, I think it's believable."

Except for that whole, Owens was misquoted in his own autobiography deal. But those are just details.

While Moss did support his fellow malcontent, he did have some sage advice.

"Any person worrying about the other man's money means you're not focusing on what you need to be focusing on," said Moss. Instead, he should be out opening up his own juice stand.

Yeah, because if there is any receiver who is completely focused, it's the guy who admits that he takes plays off. You can say a lot of things about T.O., but the guy is a gamer. Owens was suspended for a good portion of 2005, and yet he had similar numbers to Moss. Owens played in the Super Bowl with a broken leg, Moss was slowed last year with a stomach ache. Maybe when Owens wants to run afoul of the law or admit to the world that he smokes pot (once in a blue moon), Moss could be of some assistance. Otherwise, maybe Moss should focus on tackling those cornerbacks who will be surely intercepting Aaron Brooks’ passes.

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