Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Don't Even Joke About It

Former Chargers linebacker Junior Seau has told a friend that he has spoken to the Oakland Raiders, but he might retire according to the Miami Herald. It seems like the kind of move the Raiders would make —signing a player who is well past his effectiveness. But Seau should not even be considering this.

Unless, of course, he wants scores of San Diego fans to burn down his Seau's restaurant in Mission Valley. Hey, maybe this is some sort of insurance scam. Would have a lot more respect for that as opposed to actually considering the Raiders offer.

If you played for any of the AFC West teams, you can't ever consider playing for the Raiders. Ever. Just look at Lyle Alzado. He made his name as a member of the Denver Broncos before he joined the Raiders.

Alzado was dead before he was 45. Let that be a lesson.


Sun Devil, the Broncos fan said...

2 words: Bill Romanowski.

That faggot.

NFL Adam said...

Now Romanowski is crying on 60 Minutes.