Monday, July 31, 2006

Congratulations Angels

Once again Bill Stoneman has failed to improve the club at the trading deadline, meaning the Angels are doomed for another post-season flameout. Sure, Stoneman tried to get something done. Just like Adam Kennedy tries everyday. But general managers, like players, are measured in results and the results show that Stoneman did not produce.

The Angels have suddenly become the Atlanta Braves of the American League. Great pitching, one stud in the lineup and absolutely no chance to win the World Series. Maybe Angels fans shouldn’t complain, though. It is a marked improvement over the 1990s when the team was miserable. It is just disappointing to see a guy like Vladimir Guerrero wasting the prime of his career with a guy like Maicer Izturis protecting him in the lineup.

Owner Arte Moreno has said that he wants to be the AL West version of the Yankees. The Yankees go out and fill a need without having to give up Phil Hughes. The Angels can’t even pry Ramirez from the Cubs.

The Angels sure are the Yankees, only it’s the Don Mattingly version of the Yankees.


Diane said...

Arte is never going to spend enough money to be the left coast Yanks, or Glaus and B. Molina would still be around, and with Colon gone, gone, gone, the Angels can't afford to give up Santana to get another big bat.

NFL Adam said...

Just not crazy about Santana. Seems like a second-coming of Ramon Ortiz. But it would be tough to part with him. Especially since Escobar should be in the bullpen.

Seitz said...

Good God, he's like 23 years old! He wasn't even supposed to be in the majors this year. He was called up from double A last year, and if injuries hadn't dictated otherwise, he'd probably have about as many major league starts as Joe Saunders, who by the way, completely shut down the A's last night.

No trade available was going to make this team a serious World Series contender. Could they have improved the team on the field? Sure, but not significantly. Any improvement to the offense would have hurt the pitching staff.

I'm thanking the stars that Stoneman sat on his hands. This team has the potential to be THE dominant force in the AL West for the next ten years. No reason to blow it this year in a vain attempt at a WS that they won't win. If this was 2001, then yeah, you make a run at a playoff spot because you haven't been there in 15 years. But we've tasted the WS glory. I don't want a team that's just good enough to make the playoffs. I can wait a year if that's what it takes.

NFLAdam said...

Looking forward to the next couple years of:

Leave Santana alone, he's only 24.
Leave Santana alone, he's only 25.
Leave Santana alone, he's only 26.
Leave Santana alone, he's only 27.

The Angels were willing to deal they guy. And knowing how the Angels are about making deals, it says a lot about what they think about his make-up.

Seitz said...

Hey, you're the dude that compared him to a guy who lied about his age while dominating younger competition, then didn't make his major league debut until he was three years older than Santana is right now.

Interesting logic. The Tigers were willing trade John Smoltz, so I think that tells you about what they thought of Smolt's make-up. And the Red Sox were willing to trade Jeff Bagwell, so I think that tells you what they thought about his make-up. And the Indians were willing to trade Brian Giles, so I think that tells you what they thought of his make-up. And the Padres were willing to trade Jason Bay...etc.

NFL Adam said...

You could pick out some of the most famous examples, but those are heavily outweighed by the number of prospects who don't make the leap. Just look at the Angels recent history.

Brian Cooper
Seth Etherton
Scott Schoenweis
Mike Fetters
Jason Dickson
Kyle Abbott

The list goes on of guys who could't quite live up to the billing. Baseball is a funny game. When you have a chance to win, you should take advantage of it. It's hard to tell guys like Vlade to waste a year of his career because the Angels are going to bank the future on unproven guys.

Kind of like Casey Kotchman and Dallas McPherson. Kotchman has never been impressive and I can't recall a minor league season he had where he wasn't injured. If his daddy wasn't in the scouting department, he would be looking at life as an organization player.

Diane said...

Every time Steve Physioc makes excuses on air for the Halos he mentions the injuries to "key" personnel, specifically, Erstad, Kotchman and MacPherson. Ok, Erstie deserves some slack, but the other 2? If that's our future, it ain't too so bright . . . and who comes down with mono in the 21st century?

Anonymous said...

I got no problems with the Angels finishing 1st yet they have a skinny offense.

Starting pitching and releive appears solid yet in the american League it is all about hitting.

Also ran.