Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bonds Going to Jail?

The indictment for Barry Bonds is looming and, to be honest, it is leaving a hollow feeling. Kind of like when they found Saddam Hussein. Sure it’s nice the a-hole (Bonds in this case) is being brought to justice and everything, but the damage has been done. It's like a decade too late. And unlike Saddam, there is visual evidence of Barry’s weapons of mass destruction. You don’t need a UN search committee to see that.

Still, the whole thing seems kind of underwhelming. Like nobody even cares anymore. And an America ambivalent about Bonds impending incarceration (like it will happen) is an America we don’t really want to know.

Bonds needs to draw the ire of America again and there is really only one answer—he needs to release a sex tape. Just look what it did for her and him. They are mega stars now.


Hank Aaron said...


TheBigO said...

"being brought to justice and everything"

Gimme a break, this is a friggin witch hunt. Tax evasion, WTF, who is he Al Capone???? This is some damn BS, this is because of 2 things; 1. because he's a jerk to the media (which I think is awesome F the media) 2. Because he's a black man, and he broke Babe Ruth's home run record (which shouldn't stand anyways because he played in an era steeped in racism. Keeping his records as official is a slap in the face to all players of ethnic backgrounds, it's almost like celebrating racism. If you ARE going to keep The babe's records as official, than Negro League records should be offical too, like Josh Gibsons 75 homeruns in only 80 games) which has already been done by Barry's own godfather, who also had a witch hunt brought against him, all kinds of sweet, kind letters from adoring KKK wannabees. I love Barry Bonds, mainly because he pisses of white america so much. I'm not even a baseball fan, but this guy is the G.O.A.T. Go Barry, WE love you, who cares if they don't.

Little U said...

Bigo - I mean isn't Barry one of the goood ones? ROFLMAO!!!))!(!(@

I mean can't he just sit back and enjoy the gang rape that awaits him in prison???

TheBigO said...

"Bigo - I mean isn't Barry one of the goood ones?"

I don't get it dude. Good whats?? Are you trying to say "you people" ??

MLBJennifer said...

Hey Big-O, that is if you have ever even had one, which with that attitude I seriously doubt, but that is besides the point.

You are kind of an Angry Santa.

Kinda over the whole "becuase he is black" crap. You are keeping racism alive by even saying "white america."

Relax already. Sheesh...


Pete Rose said...

It is a witch hunt. The man was out to get me, too, I'll betcha!

TheBigO said...

MLBJenny- one day in my shoes nad you'd change your tune. It's funny how many of you jumped on my post. GET 'IM BOYS!!!!!! YEEEEEHAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!