Thursday, July 06, 2006

Baseball Intervention

Baseball, you have a drug problem. It was never more evident than when the WWF proved to have a more stringent drug policy. Seriously. The WWF champion, Rob Van Dam, was arrested over the weekend for possession of marijuana and an assortment of prescription drugs. So how did the WWF react?

Let’s just say they did not select Van Dam as the comeback wrestler of the year. Like baseball did with Jason Giambi.

Instead, the WWF publicly (and swiftly) removed Van Dam of his titles (he was the ECW champion, too) on live television – while the fans serenaded with chants of "mar-i-juana." Van Dam was humiliated by having to lose two matches and give up his top spot in the organization that had worked years to achieve. And was suspended without pay, too.

Could you imagine baseball doing something like this? That would be like baseball forcing Roger Clemens to throw volleyballs. Or maybe insisting that Barry Bonds hit with a Wiffle Ball bat. (Or at least make him take that damn trash can off of his elbow.)

Even Jose Canseco has been getting into the act by calling baseball a "mafia," noting that it protects its favorites with its lame drug policy. Baseball responded by saying that they were like rubber and Canseco was like glue. So whatever Canseco said bounced off them and stuck to him.

It is a sad day for baseball when the WWF and Jose Canseco have more credibility. If this can't get baseball to clean up its act, nothing will.


Michael said...

It's not the WWF anymore. They've spent millions to get rid of the letters to become WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Just helping ya out, bro.

NFL Adam said...

Will never acknowledge that name. Stupid hippies.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

is this guy related to jean claude van dam? scary.

MLBJennifer said...

I use to have much hate in my heart for the "Bash Brother", but after I found out his fetish with lip gloss, I came to like him. It is a sad day when my hate turns to love, and you realize, this guy has nothing to lose, and he has been right about EVERYTHING so far. I now I have much love in my heart for the "Lip-Gloss Brother"