Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Who Needs T.O.?

Certainly not the Eagles. Speculation on The Hater Nation a month ago was that the Eagles were in deep trouble at wide receiver. But an apology is in order because that has been proven wrong. Dead wrong. If anything, the Eagles will likely resemble the second coming of the early 1980s Air Coryell Chargers this season.

Sure, the Eagles have been flirting recently with Olympic sprinter Justin Gatlin about the possibility of joining the team as a receiver. And why not, the club selected Olympic freestyle skier Jeremy Bloom in the fifth round of this year's draft.

(Word to the wise boys, keep an eye on your Olympic medals with Jabar Gaffney around.)

Anybody around during the Ron Brown-era for the Los Angeles Rams knows that sprinters make absolutely seamless transitions into the NFL. Bullet Bob Hayes was a once in a lifetime kind of athlete. The best they could possibly hope for is a Renaldo Nehemiah situation— who incidentally is the Gatlin’s agent—where not even Joe Montana could help that guy.

Nice staff, Eagles. Philly is lucky that Eli Messiah is in the division or they would be looking at fourth place. But hey, at least T.O. won't be a distraction.

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TJ Rubely said...

Had the Packers signed more sprinters like Bill Schroeder, one of them would've been fast enough to catch my pass and run it into the Vikings end zone. I'd still be starting at QB, and probably looking ahead to a Hall induction.

It's a fine line between success and failure in the NFL, if you think about it.