Friday, June 23, 2006

The Weak Ender

Gotta dance!

Boston Celtics fans derided Lakers fans during their glory years for being too soft, too Hollywood, and having two many Paula Abduls dancing around on the sidelines. Boston was about basketball, not celebrities and pom-poms. But times, they are a changing. The Celtics are joining the rest of the NBA in the 1980s with the formation of the Celtic Dance Team.

You have to figure that Red Auerbach is spinning in his cigar-ridden grave right now.

The Celtics becoming hypocrites is bad. But having to choose a dance team from a talent pool like New England (which isn’t especially deep) is quite another. You can check out the pictures here. But your eyes might hate you. Not quite the Chargers Girls.

Thanks for the tip Sports By Brooks and especially Flash Warner.

  • Sad news about the U.S. soccer team. This country was on the verge of getting into soccer. Now it is likely lost forever. At least America can now turn its attention to the Stanley Cup playoffs.
  • Quote of the Week: "It's been different when you'd had a guy behind you for seven years."—Michael Strahan on his divorce. Oh wait, it was Peyton Manning in regards to Edgerrin James.
  • The Angels are holding a summit with its brain trust to figure out a way to right the ship according to the Los Angeles Times. This should be good. The sad truth is that you are only as good as your last team, and the memory of 2002 is starting to fade. Only two moves are needed to help the offense. Dump Chone Figgins, a glorified nine-hole hitter. And how about getting a new hitting coach? Why is it that these prized minor leaguers never seem to improve when they get to the big club? Maybe they can bump Mickey Hatcher down to Rally Monkey.
  • Where the hell is Ghana? Is that where this guy is from?

The final word on Shaq. The Lakers did the right thing in getting rid of Shaq. The Diesel was going to be motivated to win one title without Kobe and it would have been nice to do it in a Lakers uniform. But not at the expense of crippling your team, salary wise, for the next five years. Selling out for one title makes sense for a team like Miami where a single title means the world to them and the city. One extra title means nothing to the Lakers. When you talk about Lakers and championship, only multiple titles matters. The Lakers have a better chance for multiple titles with Kobe than they did with Shaq. Happy for Shaq and Riley, but it just wouldn’t have made sense for the Lakers to keep him.

What is the over/under on Shaq’s weight next year? He could be pushing King Kong Bundy type of density.


    Mini Me said...

    Is that a joke? Those Celtic pics were nothing that nice to look at. If I were the Celtics I would import girls from California and have them cheerlead during the NBA season. I think it would make season ticket holders a lot happier, as well as the Celtic players. Wanna do a link exchange? I'm at

    unc_samurai said...

    I'd be really impressed if Red Auerbach were doing anything in his grave, considering he's still alive.

    artboy said...

    Yeah, like any of you would even have a chance with the girls who DIDN'T make the Celtic's dance team. Dress 'em up in some jeans and a JoJo White throwback jersey and you guys would be drooling into your Lites.