Friday, June 16, 2006

The Weak Ender

ESPN released its list of top celebrity sports fans with Jack Nicholson ranking No. 1.

At least they didn’t take the easy way out with the most obvious pick.

The alleged Lakers fan who was found rooting for the Clippers during the second round of the playoffs is your top celebrity fan. Right. Eva Longoria also ranked high on the list. Really? Her interest in the team seems about as sincere as Anna Benson. Does Longoria even understand the rules of basketball? As a poster on a message board said, “She is one deep (expletive) from a non-Frenchman away from not being a Spurs fan.” Hard to disagree.

The top celebrity sports fan is Ashley Judd and the contest is not close. She appears to have a sincere rooting interest and be honest, who would you rather see sitting on the sidelines wearing shades?

The list was as little bit too long because, let’s be honest, if you are resorting to using “The Rick” as one of your top celebrity sports fans, you are really reaching. And where the hell were the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Does anybody want some of Magic Johnson—a song made famous by the band in the 1980s?

But the most disappointing omission was the K-Dawg himself, Kevin Costner. Like Judd, the K-Dawg is always down for his alma mater. When the Cal State Fullerton basketball team blitzed through NIT tournament a few years ago, the K-Dawg was there every step of the way. Or maybe not. When Cal State Fullerton needed some extra dough to finish the baseball stadium, the looked to the K-Dawg. And that is why the Titans play at Jerry Goodwin Field. But hey, when it comes to opportunistic camera (expletive) at the College World Series, the K-Dawg is your man. You would think that with the amount of face time the K-Dawg is set to receive today (starting tonight at 4 p.m. PST), ESPN would have recognized that.

Photo shamelessly stolen from the Sports Column.

The following excerpts are only opinions, but someday they might belong to the Bish.

  • It was a striking contrast watching the Angels and CSF Titans on side-by-side televisions last week. One team had timely hitting, clutch pitching and flawless defense. The other team was the Angels.
  • The Angels looked more relieved than anything else after being the Royals in extra innings on Thursday night. This was the most underwhelming series, ever. It is unacceptable to lose even one game to the Royals, a team that would have problem winning the College World Series. Even OC admitted as much in the post game interview after driving in the game-winning run.

  • It’s hard to blame athletes for being allured to motorcycles. If anything, blame Hollywood…and this guy.

It appears that Tiger Woods has missed the cut at the U.S. Open, ending a string that rivaled the Atlanta Braves dominance of the NL East/West. You might wonder how Tiger could have fallen so fast, but there are two words — the Bish whose column on Thursday obviously jinxed Tiger. Thanks, jerk.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

judd or longoria?

longoria obviously in the looks department, but you'd have to speak to her afterwords. you could just mention adolph rupp and judd would probably get off.

insomniac said...

Any post that includes that classic pic of Ashley Judd is inherently genius. Nice job.

I forget...what was the topic again?