Monday, June 19, 2006

The Truth of Ratings

I almost choked on my weinerschnitzel when I saw this post.

Nice job with the selective editing, Gunther. I haven't been this disappointed in one of my heroes since Falco refused to play Rock Me Amadeus at the sold-out Berlin County Fair in 1998. Even for the second encore.

A couple points you forgot to mention:
1) The 2.4 ESPN2 rankings you snickered at were the channel's highest ratings for anything this year. Yes, that included dog shows, poker tournaments, and spelling bees. And baseball.

2) The games are on at 6:00 a.m., not prime time.

3) Soccer fans watch matches in packed bars, not the basement of their parents' house, like wresting and baseball fans, so those numbers are underrepresented.

3a.) You didn’t factor in the ratings from Univision (5.5 for Mexico-Iran, making it the most watched sporting event in Spanish-language TV history). I'm guessing half of their audience is made up with Gringos who can't bear to listen to the Joe Theisman-Paul Maguire of soccer announcers, Dave O'Brien and Marcel Balboa. Jesus they're bad.

4) If Reggie White taught us anything, it is that you can fit a family of 30 Mexicans into a small apartment, so even Univision's ratings are vastly underrepresented.

5) Hockey averaged ratings of 0.2 on OLN this year.

6) In Los Angeles, Univision’s ratings were 12.5 for the Mexico-Iran game, and 4.9 for ABC.

7) Combined, that’s more than double the 7.1 the NBA got for the finals last year.

Your poor math and lazy deduction skills are exactly the reason we will CRUSH you in WWIII! You have no chance, capitalist pigs!


Anonymous said...

They saw the US-Italy game and then turned off their TVs.

bucky said...

I was watching ESPN the other night, and I saw this ad for a new reality series. Apparantly actors were auditioning to play the role of Bill Shatner in his life story.

And then I realized that it was no ad for a reality series; it was highlights of the US-Italy soccer game.